Wie wir Deutschlands größte virtuelle Salatbar gebaut haben!

Das Geheimnis unseres Erfolges: Wir geben nichts unbedacht aus der Hand.

Das Potenzial vertikal integrierter Marken ist groß.

Florian Heinemann, Projekt A

Make or Buy?

Unsere STADTSALAT-Fahrer.
Simplifizierte Ansicht unseres Dispositionstools. Die Farben zeigen zu Touren zusammengefasste Bestellungen.

Bloß kein Stillstand: Inspiration aus New York.

Tom am Times Square.
„Process not Processed“ lautet Chipotle’s Motto.

Ein Flagshipstore und Farm-to-Table: So geht es bei STADTSALAT weiter.

Transparenz bei Sweetgreen.

„Unlike most traditional fast-food chains, Sweetgreen eschews the efficiency of centralized food sourcing and production. Its preparations to enter a new market begin a year in advance. Before finalizing a restaurant location, the company’s supply-chain team is on the ground vetting farms and pitching distributors to come on board — a tough sell when there is only one location to service in the beginning. But the company is up front about the fact that it can’t run a national restaurant chain and source everything organically, locally, and from mom-and-pop farms. When a vegetable is in season, it likely comes from a regional supplier; when it’s not, it comes from a big supplier in California. That’s practical now that Sweetgreen has locations in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, and Maryland and Virginia.“




CEO STADTSALAT — biggest virtual salad bar chain in Germany.

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